About us

M-Group is a group of companies that conducts multidisciplinary construction activities. The company operates in Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other CIS countries.

M-Group offers a wide range of construction services through its 10 branches located in different countries around the world, creating additional value for all customers and partners, from individuals to large enterprises and separate countries. All our projects aim at the development and prosperity of our country, our people as well as our partners around the world.


M-Group's main activities include but are not limited to

  • Construction of civil, industrial, power projects of any difficulty,
  • Construction of water supply and drainage systems
  • Construction of pumping stations, lighting systems and well drilling
  • Construction and exploitation of small hydroelectric plants, petrol and CNG filling stations.

M-Group is equipped with all the necessary machines and technical means to provide services at the highest quality.

The most important resource of the company is the team of skilled professionals due to which we can implement all programs and projects in the defined timeframes and according to the norms.

M-Group implements projects both in Armenia and around the world. Our partners trust us to turn their projects of state and strategic significance into reality.

Rearmed and modernized energy infrastructures, settlements and territories provided with drinking water, life-giving soil of thousands of ha provided with water, residential and industrial territories of thousands of square meters, here's is the result of our work!


  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Implementation of the most complex projects

M-Group has huge experience in cooperating with international and foreign large companies.

M-Group is the strategic partner of "Cobra Instalaciones Y Servicios SA" company that is a part of "ACS Cobra Group". Successful joint programs in the energy construction sphere are the result of the partnership between the two companies.

Besides, M-Group cooperates with Acciona (Europe) and Jinko Power (China) large companies. As a part of our consortium agreement, we participate in international tenders and implement joint large projects abroad.

M-Group constantly evolves: we strengthen our technical capacity and improve the professional qualification of our employees.

That's why today M-Group is entrusted to implement the largest and most complex projects, from commercial and state programs to projects of nationwide and international significance.